Red and Blue Int'l Inc

Professional Men's Suit Manufacturer & Wholesaler - Since 2003

1013 Grand St . Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel: 718-599-4701
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      It is our limited edition suits with an unique Design.  We never reorder the same style of suit in this line so they are truly limited edition.  This line follows the fashion trend closely with a unique design.  This line of suits can always satisfy one’s needs for showing their own personal characteristics and be difference from others.

32" - 2 PCS


          RB19                 RBF80              RF8701-06            RF8726-31         RF8601-08

32" - 3 PCS



34" - 2 PCS


           NRF900                RFN0930

34" - 3 PCS


          RB68                   RF8708-15            RF7801-03